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Authentic Birkenstock Footwear

Nothing Compares to a Birkenstock Footbed

It all started with shoemaker Johann Adam Birkenstock’s commitment to his craft. In 1896, Konrad had a visionary idea: make and sell flexible footbed inserts. From there, it wasn’t long before he invented the footbed.

This innovation determined the fate of the company and contributed significantly to the popularity of our shoes. The footbed is based on the cast of a healthy foot in the sand, ensuring that feet feel as comfortable as possible for hours together.

We still develop shoes that promote health and well-being – aided in this task by our wealth of experience.

Tradition Since 1774

Birkenstock is deeply rooted in the fine art of crafting premium-quality shoes that are good for you. Since 1774, Birkenstock has passed this commitment down from one generation to the next. The result is the absolute best in quality, comfort, and support. Visit Humphreys' Bootery & Bags today!

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